Adult Moderate Sedation – Recertification 2024

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Recertification Course

The Adult Moderate Sedation Recertification course was developed for the non-anesthesia healthcare practitioner who is providing moderate procedural sedation and analgesia (PSA) procedures outside of the operating room and has previously certified in Adult Moderate Sedation with the National Sedation Center. The course considers the adult learner, baseline knowledge, and previous certification, allowing for the learner to review only the content they feel is necessary for their own knowledge and practice. This recertification program will recertify the provider in both minimal and moderate sedation.


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Scenario Based Education

The Moderate Sedation Recertification Program provides a case based scenario of procedural sedation and analgesia which is being performed outside of the operating room. The sedation continuum, increased monitoring requirements, emergency preparedness and closed looped communication are all part of this interactive course. The Recertification course does allow the experienced provider the capability “move forward”, using a drop down menu, allowing the experienced provider to pick and choose content for review.

Post Test & Evaluation

The student must past the post test with a score of 80% or above to complete the online portion of the moderate sedation certification process. The online program evaluation will also be completed at this time.

Skill Requirement

The ASA guidelines for sedation state that the provider must be able to rescue at the level above the current plan for sedation. With this in mind, NSC has developed a skill verification in conjunction with the online moderate sedation component. This blended learning allows the practitioner to utilize the baseline knowledge provided within the online course and apply this during a skill verification course. This course allows the practitioner to practice airway assessment, management and interactive case based scenarios with a team approach.

Skill Verification Course Evaluation

After completion of the skill verification, the student is required to complete a course evaluation related to the skill verification and NSC Instructor. This private course evaluation is reviewed and monitored by NSC Faculty to assure that our courses and instructors are of the highest caliber for the student experience.


Course Objectives

  • Describe the personnel, equipment and safety requirements suggested to provide a successful moderate sedation procedure
  • Identify Red flags on physical exam and designate an ASA physical classification
  • Create a plan for moderate sedation
  • States 3 commonly used drugs, dosages, and reversal agents used for moderate sedation
  • Identify the acute stages of common adverse events associated with moderate sedation such as DtELS
  • Demonstrates knowledge in effectively managing a patient pre-intra-post procedure to successful discharge
  • Participate in 3 moderate sedation scenarios as a member of a procedural team incorporating the Eight Rights checklist, patient evaluation, and communication skills reviewed with the online component.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Pretest
  • Adult Moderate Sedation Interactive Content
  • Post test
  • CE/CME distribution
  • Attend NSC skill verification
  • Course Evaluation


  • CE/CME distribution
  • Proof of BLS Certification
  • Student is Certified in:
    NSC Adult Moderate Sedation


A pretest is utilized to test baseline knowledge prior to course launch.