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several medical and dental specialty organizations with the intent of speci􀃗cally addressing moderate procedural
sedation provided by any medical specialty in any location.
American Society of Anesthesiologists, 2021 Oct ASA House of Delegates. Approved 25 October 2005, amended 19 October 2011, 13 October 2021 Statement on granting privileges for the administration of moderate sedation to practitioners who are not anesthesia professionals. American Society of Anesthesiologists ASA, A. (2021). Statement granting privileges for Administration of moderate sedation to practitioners.  Read more…. 
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This clinical policy is an update to the clinical policy approved in 1998. This update strives to create a more evidence-based clinical policy for emergency physicians. The critical questions for this policy include personnel requirement for procedural sedation and analgesia in the emergency department (ED), key components of patient assessment prior to procedural sedation, fasting, equipment, and supplies required, assessment and monitoring, assessment of respiratory status, and agents of sedation and analgesia for use in the ED.

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