For certification in Adult Minimal Sedation, the only skill component is completion of Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), thus no instructor involvement is necessary.

Moderate Sedation Instructor

NSC places great value in keeping the “hands on” component of learning and is committed to developing a strong Instructor network.  For students to achieve certification in moderate sedation, they must complete 7 mandatory airway skills. The NSC Instructor is also trained in implementation of 4 sedation scenarios with monitor graphics, capnography waveform changes and critical thinking questions.

A second pathway to certification may be via an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course. Direct discussion with NSC and the ACLS Course Director is necessary to provide direction regarding content regulations (for ACLS) and how to administer the NSC skill verification without interrupting or changing the content of an ACLS course.


  • Anesthesia provider , CRNA
  • Current Instructor in ACLS or TNCC
  • RN with extensive sedation experience


  • Complete online Instructor Candidate form
  • Interview with NSC management
  • Official approval as NSC Instructor Candidate
  • Complete both Foundational Knowledge Adult Minimal Sedation and Adult Moderate Sedation prior to Instructor course.

NSC is looking for proven, enthusiastic instructors who are passionate regarding the continued  need to have a live, knowledgeable instructor when performing the skill verification of the program. This blended learning format is a core concept in the NSC organization. We believe that our instructor base will be a key to success in the sedation market by providing skills/techniques to assist in patient safety outcomes and satisfaction.

Quality Control

One of the most important elements of the NSC program is maintaining the highest standards with the instructor base. Part of the quality control process is getting fair and impartial feedback from the students regarding the instructor. Evaluations will be scanned to NSC in conjunction with the roster for review on each instructor and score. The Likert scoring scale will be used with the expectation that the Instructor will score >4 or above consistently. Scores of 3 or less (consistently) will result in an action plan to be developed in conjunction with the Instructor the NSC Instructor Director

If you are interested in applying to become an instructor for National Sedation Center, click here for an Instructor Application.