Hospital / Institutional Accounts

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare education companies can establish operating accounts with National Sedation Center that permit administrators to purchase bulk courses at a discount, manage the registration process and track the progress of students as they progress through the program.

With NSC, there are multiple opportunities to customize an account.

Customized Pricing Coupons:

Institutional account holders can purchase courses for students that permit the institution to specify how much (if any) the student pays for the course. For example, if a hospital chooses to have the student pay for the card process fee ($10 for Foundational Knowledge-Adult Minimal Sedation), the coupons distributed have a remaining balance of $10 that the student pays directly to NSC. The hospital can purchase courses that are fully pre-paid or with whatever balance it chooses. Institutions have other options to customize, including how long a student has to take the course before the coupon becomes inactive.


Public Database:

When a student completes a web based course and becomes certified by NSC, that information is publicly available on the NSC web site. That permits any hospital to easily verify the level of certification of a new employee and when the certification expires.

Take A Look For Free:

If you want to take a look at the courses, give us a call or an email and we will let you and your staff take a look for free. All we ask is that you fill out the Institutional Account Application in advance.

If you have questions or want to place an order, contact us or call 303-675-4216.