Instructor Training Moderate Sedation

No instructor support is neccessary to certify in minimal sedation. The skill set is demonstrated by showing proof of a current Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) card. For moderate sedation, however, the student must also complete an airway and scenario based skill verification with a trained NSC Sedation Instructor. 

Seasoned Professionals

The focus of our instructor development program is to find individuals that already have airway /sedation experience and already have Instructor status teaching Healthcare related courses, such as ACLS, PALS, TNCC or ENPC. It is expected that instructor candidates already possess the experience to know how to schedule classes, properly prepare a classroom and how to manage a wide variety of personalities during a course. NSC recongnizes that the skill portion of the course is only as strong as the instructor who is leading the course, thus much time is spent on developing an enduring partnership between NSC and the Instructor Candidate. 

About the Course

The instructor course is a 2 day process.  Prior to taking the instructor course, pre-qualified candidates must have completed the web based minimal and moderate sedation course.  


0800-1000: Moderate Skill verification course for Instructor candidates

1000-1010: Break

1010-1120: Instructor manual breakdown

1120-1130: Break

1130-1230: Difficult airway discussion/pharmacology

1230-1330: Lunch

1330-1500: Teaching techniques for skills

1500-1515: Break

1515-1700: Scenario and scoring practice

1700-1715: Wrap up

Day Two

0700-0800: Performs room/equipment set up with Faculty. Produces and prints roster for class

0800-1000: Assists faculty with course. Leads 2 of 4 scenarios

1000-1030: Debrief of class with Instructor candidate- submission of roster to NSC database

1030-1100: Prepares room for next class/performs room equipment set up with Faculty. Produces and prints roster independently for class

1100-1300: Leads class independently with faulty monitoring-submission of roster to NSC database independently

1300-1330: Debrief with Instructor candidate- Award Status and Instructor card.

Instructor Support

Once an individual becomes an NSC instructor, they will be given access to the portal on the NSC web site that provides the instructor with a variety of resources to help manage their classes. This portal includes access to all of the forms needed to conduct a class and access to a blog where instructors can share their experiences about teaching the course and ask other NSC instructors specific questions. Completed course rosters are sent electronically by the instructor to the NSC web site, eliminating the need for paper copies to be held by an instructor. Through the instructor portal, instructors can track the progress of each of their students and the status of their certification. The instructor portal also has a library of articles and publications that are helpful in keeping instructors up-to-date on what's happening in the industry. NSC will also be offering business courses for individual instructors that would like to develop their teaching skills into a viable, profitable business venture. 

Quality Control

One of the most important elements of the NSC program is maintaining the highest standards with the instructor base. Part of the quality control process is getting good and impartial feedback from the students about their instructors. In most traditional classroom settings, the student is asked to evaluate the instructor right after the conclusion of the class, knowing that the instructor will probably read it immediatly. This format is particularly problematic if the instructor and student are colleagues or work in the same facility. The student in this environment is often uncomfortable providing any sort of criticism, knowing that their critical comments are probably not anonymous. The NSC program is designed differently. After students have completed the skills course, they do not provide feedback in the classroom. Rather, they must go to the NSC web site and provide feedback that is sent unfiltered and anonymously to NSC Faculty for review. In this way, students can provide an honest assessment of their experience with the course. Instructors that do not receive outstanding student reviews will be contacted by an NSC Faculty member to discuss whatever issues the instructor is having and offer suggestions for improving their scores. If instructors continue to score poorly on evaluations, they will ultimately lose their certification as an NSC instructor. 

Instructor Application

If you are interested in becoming an instructor for NSC, click here for an application.