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Foundational Knowledge

Basic sedation essentials for the non-anesthesia provider.  Click here for course description. 


Moderate Sedation

Advanced education for procedural moderate sedation. Click here for course description.


Instructor Training

To learn more about becoming a Moderate Sedation Instructor or to fill out a Moderate Sedation Instructor application click here.


Foundational Knowledge

Do You Have A Strong Base For Your Sedation Practice?

Eight Rights Checklist

Do You Have Everything And Everyone You Need?

SBAR-C; Closing The Loop

Do You Use Your Most Important Rescue Equipment-Closed Loop Communication?

Sedation Is A Continuum

Is Your Patient At The Planned Level Of Sedation?

Recognize Red Flags

What Factors Increase Sedation Risk?



The National Sedation Center certification program was designed and developed by healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient safety by providing comprehensive, evidence based education for the non-anesthesia healthcare provider who is adminstering sedation outside of the operating room.   We proudly parther with HealthStream to offer our courses to healthcare organizations at the most affordable price.

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"First of all I want to congratulate you for this magnificent work.  This is the most complete, comprehensive, understandable and well organized sedation course I have ever seen in the web. It covers all aspects for a SAFE sedation, very well organized and with very profound knowledge of the topics covered. I want to use it for the certification of my medical staff in my 5 institutions. One more time, congratulations to you and your team! I know a lot of patients will benefit from disseminating this important issue."

-- Carlos J Estrada, MD
Director Servicios Quirúrgicos y Anestesia
Hima San Pablo Group

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